E. Kaiser writes

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I am often open for commissions on Covers, Illustrations, or Logo work. I do traditional mediums and Photoshop photo manipulation... with an eye toward creating a unique image that stands up to uncompromising standards. 

 I work hard to get the right blend for my own covers, and I do the same for those I help! 

Actively seeking a few projects, (starts @ 5 for small stuff/50 for covers) to cover a few art expenses!
Check out my D.Art page for a few examples of my digital manip, pencils, and color work.

Elizabeth K. Writes on DeviantArt.com

 Traditional Mediums

I do pencil drawings for illustrations, maps and character sketches.

I can use colored pencil, watercolors,  and acrylics for my color work, sometimes combining mediums for best effect.

 After the art is complete, I carefully digitalize and enhance for optimum quality.

Manip's & Composites

I like to achieve high quality results by carefully selecting the right images from royalty free sites, and then combining, altering and enhancing them in Photoshop.

  The castle at left is a composite of 3 images, to heighten the dramatic impact.

 I also work with craftsmen and photographers to show their work... like the dagger on Traitor's Knife, & gem for Jeweler's Apprentice.

Here is a recent cover done for a friend's NaNo novel; incorporating her hand drawn image into the design.

 She wanted to have her drawing on the cover, but wasn't "good enough" to have it stand alone and still look the way she wanted. So I used a bit of parchment manip'd from a photograph: looking old and worn and possibly burnt along the edges.
 By careful manipulation of her hand drawing, I was able to make it look like it was a piece from an ancient manuscript... and adding the warning in calligraphy added the finishing touch.

Winter Queen

To achieve this design we digitally enhanced and reworked a photo of a dress I own, (on me) combined a new face, (my sister's) pieced in digitally lightened hair, (my sister's) and used Photoshop tools to brush it all together.

   Then we searched long for the perfect background images, and composited them into a massive amount of layers for the result: topping the whole thing off with some Photoshop'd water drops for the  final effect.

Graphic Design and Promo Material

 I am available to help with your graphic design needs on a case by case basis!